Wildrift Patch Notes 2.1: League of Legends: Wildrift Patch Notes 2.1 Release Date, Latest Updates, and More!

by Sugandha Periasamy | Updated Feb 02, 2021 20:29 IST

social social social social Wildrift Patch Notes 2.1: League of Legends: Wildrift Patch Notes 2.1 Release Date, Latest Updates, and More!

Wildrift Patch Notes 2.1 has been released with various updates and changes and the Wildrift Patch Notes 2.1 contains some of the much-awaited features. Developed by the Riot Games, WIld Rift is a battle arena game for Android and iOS. The release of the game has been continuously postponed and now the Wildrift patch notes 2.1 has been released with exciting features. New features, new modes, new champions all are part of the Wildrift Patch notes 2.1. Scroll down to know more about the Wildrift patch notes 2.1

What Are The Wildrift Patch Notes 2.1?

The Riot Games has released the new patch notes for Wild Rift. The Wild Rift patch notes 2.1 will be released on servers from February 2, 2021. There have been some huge changes implemented in the game.

What Is League of Legends Wild Rift?

Developed for Android and iOS, League of Legends Wild Rift is an online multiplayer game. This is the modified version of the League of Legends PC game. The players in Wild Rift will be playing in the character of Champions. There are a variety of champions in the game and each champion has its own abilities and powers. 

What Are The Wild Rift Latest Update?

The Wild Rift Patch notes 2.1 has been released and it has many new updates. The latest Wild Rift updates are listed below:

New Champions

1. Xayah

  • Xayah is deadly and is a vastayan revolutionist. Xayah fights along with Rakan, her partner, and lover to protect their tribe

2. Rakan

  • Rakan is an enchanter and a charming and greatest battle dancer. He fights along with his lover Xayah.

3. Katarina

  • Mage assassin and is the most waited champion.

4. Leona

  • She is a tank support and also stuns enemies.

5. Diana

  • Another mage assassin.

6. Pantheon

  • Resembles Trojan Warrior and is a mid-lane champion.

New Features


  • The players can watch the replays of their last 50 matches using this feature.
  • Replays can be accessed from the Match History page or from the end-of-game screen.
  • The players can watch the match back as it happened or follow any other player in the game.
  • The different playback speed settings are also available, ranging from 0.5× to 8× speed.
  • Rewinding/time-skipping is not supported currently.
  • Replays could not be used for Practice Mode games.
  • With each new patch, replays will expire.

Spectator Mode

  • A new spectator mode is added for watching custom matches and games played by the in-game friends.
  • To spectate a player in a matchmade game, the player must be friends with them.
  • The player must be on the same game version to spectate a player.
  • If you don’t want spectator mode, turn off “Allow spectators” in the Settings menu.
  • The map will always be oriented with Baron Lane at the top and Dragon Lane at the bottom while spectating.

Other Features

  • Ping Display
  • Portrait Lock
  • In-game Chat
  • Summoner Spell Timers
  • Smite Indicator

Gameplay Changes

  • Hard on Baron
  • Rift Scuttlers

New Skins

  • Lunar Beast Alistar
  • Lunar Beast Annie
  • Lunar Beast Darius
  • Lunar Beast Fiora
  • Lunar Beast Jarvan IV
  • Lunar Beast Miss Fortune
  • Panda Teemo
  • Cosmic Dawn Rakan
  • Cosmic Dusk Xayah
  • Heartseeker Vayne
  • Sweetheart Rakan
  • Sweetheart Sona
  • Sweetheart Xayah

Balance Changes



Phosphorus Bomb

  • AD ratio: 0.5 bonus AD → 0.7 bonus AD

Gatling Gun

  • Armor and Magic Resist reduction: 4/6/8/10 → 8/12/16/20

Missile Barrage

  • Base damage: 80/95/110 → 80/115/150
  • AD ratio: 0.25 at all ranks → 0.25/0.45/0.65
  • Big One base damage: 160/190/220 → 160/230/300
  • Big One AD ratio: 0.5 at all ranks → 0.5/0.9/1.3

Jarvan IV

Base Stats

  • AD per level: 3.6 → 4.55

(P) Martial Cadence

  • Now deals 20 minimum damage

(1) Dragon Strike

  • Dragon Strike to Demacian Standard dash combo hitbox size: 2 → 2.5

(Ult) Cataclysm

  • Fixed dash speed: 0.4s → 0.25s


(1) Leap Strike

  • Range: 6 → 6.5
  • Cooldown: 9/8/7/6s → 7.5/7/6.5/6s
  • Damage: 55/110/165/220 → 60/115/170/225


(2) Void Seeker

  • Correctly applies Caustic Wounds’ damage to the target hit


Base Stats

  • Base AD: 58 → 52
  • Movement speed: 335 → 330

(2) Electrical Surge

  • Cooldown: 12/10/8/6s → 15/12/9/6s

(3) Lightning Rush

  • Base damage: 85/140/195/250 → 70/125/180/235
  • AP ratio: 0.8 → 0.7

(Ult) Slicing Maelstrom

  • Base damage: 35/70/105 → 30/60/90
  • AP ratio: 0.2 → 0.15

Lee Sin

(Ult) Dragon’s Rage

  • Knockback range: 7.5 → 6.75


(1) Rapid Fire

  • Attack speed: 30/50/70/90% → 50/70/90/110%
  • Duration: 5s → 7s

(2) Rocket Jump

  • Base damage: 60/130/200/270 → 85/155/225/295

(2) Explosive Charge

  • Passive base damage: 40/70/100/130 → 55/85/115/145
  • Active base damage: 60/70/80/90 → 65/80/95/110
  • AD ratio: 50/70/90/110% Bonus AD → 55/90/125/160% Bonus AD

Twisted Fate

(2) Pick a Card

  • Blue Card mana restoration: 50/65/80/95 → 60/90/120/150
  • Blue Card AP ratio: 0.5 → 0.8
  • Red Card AP ratio: 0.5 → 0.65
  • Gold Card stun duration: 1/1.25/1.5/1.75s → 1.25/1.5/1.75/2s


(Ult) Last Breath

  • Base damage: 200/300/400 → 200/350/500
  • Animation time: 1.5s → 1.25s
  • Knock-up duration: 1.5s → 1.25s




  • [Removed] Attacks convert Momentum into bonus magic damage on-hit.
  • Attacks will still remove all Momentum stacks.

Spectral Haste

  • Unchanged



  • [Removed] Attacks convert Momentum into bonus magic damage on-hit.
  • Attacks will still remove all Momentum stacks.

Crushing Blow

  • [New] Attacks deal magic damage equal to Momentum stacks removed. Melee attacks that expend max Momentum also slow by 50% for 1 second
  • Stacking the effects of the Redemption or Locket Enchants should come at a cost similar to multiple Heals. We’re adding some restrictions to preserve active enchant diversity.


  • (NEW) Redemption heal effect is reduced by 50% if the target has been affected by another Redemption in the last 20 seconds


  • The locket shield effect is reduced by 50% if the target has been affected by another Locket in the last 20 seconds
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Wildrift patch Notes 2.1 - FAQs

1. Who is the developer of Wild Rift?

Wild Rift is developed by Riot Games.

2. Is Wild Rift a free-to-play game?

Yes, Wild Rift is a free-to-play game.

3. Where to get the Wild Rift game?

The Wild Rift game is available on Google Play Store.

4. What is the genre of the Wild Rift?

The genre of Wild Rift is Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game.

5. Is Wild Rift available for iOS?

Yes, Wild Rift is available for iOS.

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