Sea Of Thieves Season 1 Rewards, Research Tasks, Battle Pass, and What Are The Rewards In Sea Of Thieves Season 1 Battle Pass?

by Vishwesh Rajan P | Updated Feb 04, 2021 18:02 IST

social social social social Sea Of Thieves Season 1 Rewards, Research Tasks, Battle Pass,  and What Are The Rewards In Sea Of Thieves Season 1 Battle Pass?

Sea of Thieves Season 1 rewards dropped recently, and fans of the game are super excited about it and the rewards are part of the Season Thieves 1 Battle Pass, and there are plenty of goodies to be unlocked. So what are the Sea of Thieves Season 1 rewards? You can find it out in this article! Sea of Thieves is an action-adventure game with over 15 million players worldwide. Read this article to get all the info on Sea of Thieves Season 1 rewards, what are the ancient coins in Sea of Thieves, Sea of thieves research tasks, and more!

Sea of Thieves Season 1 Rewards

The new Battle Pass of Sea of Thieves has introduced a whole new collection of outfits and rewards that you can earn by progressing through the Battle Pass.  The Sea of Thieves Battle Pass has over 100 tiers of unlockable rewards, including in-game currency and other bonuses. The Season one Battle Pass, titled Plunder Pass costs 900 ancient coins(roughly $9.99). Apart from these rewards, Pirate Legends can also help you earn additional unlocks at certain Renown Levels. All players will start at Renown Level 1 and can earn rewards as they progress each level. Each level has at least one reward that players can unlock upon reaching it.

Sea of Thieves Battle Pass Season 1 Rewards

There are over 100 tiers with awards in the season 1 Battle Pass. Players can progress through the Battle Pass by completing specific Quests and missions. Listed below are all the rewards and their respective Rewards,

  • Level 1 - Dark Warsmith Pistol 
  • Level 4 - Shroudbreaker Makeup 
  • Level 7 - Shroudbreaker Flag
  • Level 10 - Shroudbreaker Sail and Crab Dab emote
  • Level 13 - Seasoned Kraken Lantern
  • Level 16 - Shroudbreaker Tattoo
  • Level 20 - Frostbite Eyepatch and Dark Warsmith Blunderbuss 
  • Level 23 - Frostbite Braided Hair
  • Level 25 - Pirate Legend Bound Beard 
  • Level 27 - Frostbite Topknot Hair
  • Level 30 - Frostbite Belt and Bear and Bird Wheel 
  • Level 36 - Frostbite Beard
  • Level 40 - Frostbite Boots and Dark Warsmith Cutlass 
  • Level 43 - Seasoned Aristocrat Hat
  • Level 45 - Pirate Legend Lengthy Hair 
  • Level 50 - Frostbite Pegleg and Ruby Spashtail Fishing Rod
  • Level 55 - Seasoned Bone Crusher Wheel
  • Level 60 - Frostbite Gloves and Mysterious Casual emote 
  • Level 65 - Pirate Legend Updo Hair
  • Level 67 - Frostbite Dress
  • Level 70 - Frostbite Hook and Dark Warsmith Eye of Reach 
  • Level 74 - Seasoned Parrot Cutlass 
  • Level 80 - Frostbite Trousers and Collector's Night Wulf Figurehead
  • Level 84 - Eastern Winds Jade Eye of Reach
  • Level 90 - Frostbite Jacket and Ruby Splashtail Monarch Costume
  • Level 97 - Frostbite Hat
  • Level 100 rewards - Scroudbreaker Scar(All Players), Pirate Legend Curse(Pirate Legends), and Collector’s Silver Skill Sails(Plunder Pass)

Sea of Thieves Season 1 Research Tasks and Rewards

Players who purchase the Plunder Pass will gain access to special research tasks. Completing these tasks will unlock additional rewards as you gain more Renown levels. These rewards are part of the Premium Emporium and include a wide variety of weapons, equipment, emotes and ship skins. The Season 1 research tasks are part of the seasonal progression system included in the Plunder Pass. Apart from these rewards, players can also earn Ancient Coins that can be used to purchase more items from the Pirate Emporium.

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Sea of thieves season 1 rewards - FAQs

1. What is the name of the Season 1 Battle Pass?

The name of the Battle Pass is Plunder Pass.

2. How much does the Plunder Pass cost?

The Plunder Pass costs 900 Ancient Coins.

3. What are the Ancient Coins?

Ancient Coins are the in-game currency of Sea of Theives.

4. Is Sea of Thieves part of the Xbox Game Pass?

Yes, it is part of the Xbox Game Pass.

5. Who is the developer of Sea of Thieves?

Sea of Thieves is developed by Rare.

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