Kaldheim Release Date and Time: What Time Does Kaldheim Release on Arena, Teaser and Spoilers Date Here

by Swetha Ramanan | Updated Feb 03, 2021 13:07 IST

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Kaldheim release date and time is looked for by a lot of people across the globe by a lot of Magic The Gathering fans and Kaldheim release date and time has been announced, and people cannot contain their excitement about it. Inspired by Norse mythology, this will take you into the world of Kaldheim, and people are therefore intrigued to know more about Kaldheim release date and time. If you are looking for this release date and time, you are in the right place and Keep scrolling and know Kaldheim's release date, spoilers date and more such information. 


Kaldheim Release Date and Time

When does Kaldheim release on MTG Arena? Magic The Gathering, also known as MTG, is a collectible card game that is also available digitally. Magic The Gathering is now coming up with their sixth standard legal set, which is known as Kaldheim. Kaldheim is followed by Zendikar Rising, which was released in 2020. MTG is now set to release its upcoming collectible, Kaldheim which is expected to have tribal themes to it. Kaldheim has both digital release and a tabletop release, and Magic The Gathering Kaldheim release date can be found here. 

What Time Does Kaldheim Release on Arena?

MTG Kaldheim release date is set for on 28 January 2021 on Arena, and it is set to happen at 16:00 UTC. It was announced that the maintenance would take place “at approximately 8:00 a.m. PT to deploy the 2021.01.00 game update”. This update is expected to bring in a lot of new updates to the Arena. Keep scrolling to get Kaldheim tabletop release date. 

When is Kaldheim Tabletop Release Date?

Kaldheim tabletop release date is set for 5 February 2021, and a pre-release will take place from  29 January 2021 to 4 February 2021. The pre-release game boxes can be ordered online, or the players can choose to get them at the local game stores too. It is also expected that a launch party is scheduled from 6 February 2021 to 7 February 2021. 

Kaldheim Teaser

A teaser of Kaldheim was released in 2020, and you can watch the teaser here. 

Kaldheim Details

Kaldheim is inspired by Norse mythology and the Vikings, and the set is expected to have 285 regular cards. A schedule of the various events’ release date to do with Kaldheim is tabulated for your convenience here. You can also get Kaldheim MTG prerelease date here. 


Release Date

MTG Arena Release 

28 January 2021

Tabletop Pre- Release 

29 January to 4 February 2021

Launch Party

6 February to 7 February 2021

Tabletop Release

5 February 2021

MTG Kaldheim Spoilers Date

Mark Rosewater, an MTG designer confirmed that the four missing paths namely, Simic, Golgari, Azorius and the Rakdos Pathways, will be in Kaldheim . Some of the cards include Axgard Braggart, Battershield Warrior, Battlefiled Raptor, Beskir Shieldmate, Bound in Gold and more such cards. Now that Kaldheim has made its digital release, you can check the card list on the official website. 


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Kaldheim Release Date- FAQs

1. When is Kaldheim releasing on Arena?

Kaldheim released on Arena on 28 January 2021. 

2. When is Kaldheim tabletop release date?

Kaldheim tabletop release date is set for 5 February 2021. 

3. When is Kaldheim tabletop pre-release date?

Kaldheim tabletop pre-release date is set for 29 January to 4 February 2021. 

4. When is Kaldheim launch party?

Kaldheim launch party is set from 6 February to 7 February 2021. 

5. When did Zendikar Rising come out?

Zendikar Rising came out in 2020. 

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