PUBG Mobile: How to Play PUBG in India 2021? Is It Illegal to Play PUBG in India? Lets Find Out Here!

by Niranjani Jesentha Kumari P | Updated Feb 03, 2021 09:06 IST

social social social social PUBG Mobile: How to Play PUBG in India 2021? Is It Illegal to Play PUBG in India? Lets Find Out Here!

How To Play PUBG In India 2021 is a topic of discussion among many young gamers across India and You can check out the steps on how to play PUBG in India 2021 here. There are certain ways in which you can play the PUBG game in India. Well, many people may be skeptical whether is it illegal to play PUBG in India. Many people may also be wondering can we play PUBG in India now. We have listed out the complete information about how to play PUBG in India. Read more below to know how to play PUBG in India here. 

How to Play PUBG in India 2021?

As far as we know, PUBG Mobile has become completely banned in the country. The bleak decision of the administration of India hasn’t changed ever since PUBG ban was declared back in September, 2020. Well, many hardcore PUBG fans out there are still playing the game and the ban didn't stop them from not playing the game. Even in 2021, many fans are playing the PUBG game even after almost 4 months under the ban. Well, we have listed out the instructions on how to play PUBG in India 2021 latest method here. For players who own an iPhone, these steps are just a mere possibility as the PUBG Mobile’s APK doesn’t work with iOS platforms. Read more below to know how to play PUBG In India 2021.

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How to download and play PUBG Mobile in India 2021?

PUBG Mobile can be downloaded and installed in any Android smartphone in two simple ways.

  1. Option 1 for downloading PUBG Mobile in India:
  • There are numerous download choices and APK link files available from third-party apps which can be accessible by anyone, but, it could be very harmful to your Android phones if the link is a malware. Nonetheless, using a VPN service, you can naturally download the files from the official PUBG Mobile website. 
  • Download and enable a VPN service of your choice and change your preferred region from India to any other country where PUBG Mobile is not banned.
  • Now, head to the PUBG Mobile’s official website and download and install the PUBG APK Link.
  • Please make sure you have proper data left as PUBG's file size is around 624 MB.
  • Players should also have free internal storage memory left on their devices.
  • Download and install the PUBG Mobile app and launch the app and play the PUBG mobile game with no issues.

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  1. Option 2 for downloading PUBG Mobile in India:

Players can download the PUBG KR Version which relatively works without a VPN but also players should understand that the PUBG KR game is banned in the country and playing the PUBG KR version is purely unethical and illegal. 

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Note: As Pubg is banned in the country, playing this version of the game is illegal.

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How To Play PUBG In India - FAQs

1. How can I get PUBG mobile code 2021?

You can check out our previous articles to know the PUBG Mobile codes 2021 here.

2. Can we play PUBG in India?

PUBG Mobile India game has been outlawed by the Indian government supporting Section 69A of the Information Technology Act as the app has been attacking in actions unfavourable to sovereignty and integrity, defence and security of India

3. How can I play PUBG in India after ban?

Despite the PUBG Mobile ban at the start of the month, the game was able still playable in India through an APK update, but not anymore.

4. Who is the No 1 player in PUBG in India?

Naman Mathur or better known as SOUL Mortal is a 22-year-old PUBG Mobile player based out of Mumbai, India. He is the most popular PUBG Mobile player from India.

5. When can we play PUBG in India?

As of now, there is no exact date provided by the company as to when the game will launch in the country.

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