How To Play Bedwars In Minecraft: Know Ways to Play Minecraft Bed Wars, and What is Bedwars in Minecraft?

by Maria Thomas

Updated Feb 03, 2021 17:27 IST

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How To Play Bedwars In Minecraft: Know Ways to Play Minecraft Bed Wars, and What is Bedwars in Minecraft?

How To Play Bedwars In Minecraft is a question that many Minecraft players have been querying about and How To Play Bedwars In Minecraft wherein Bedwars is a survival game in Minecraft that allows players to compete with other players while using a whole new set of skills and abilities. How To Play Bedwars In Minecraft has become a current fad amongst the Minecraft fan. The Original Bedwars in Minecraft can be obtained from the official Minecraft website. But obtaining the Bedwars alone is not sufficient as knowing how to play is as important as getting the Bedwars. Read the article below to find out what is the Bedwars in Minecraft and How To Play Bedwars In Minecraft. 

Bedwars in Minecraft

  • Survival Mode - As the name suggests the gamer needs to survive in this mode by collecting natural resources. The mode also has a number of monsters lurking about whose aim  is to attack you. Gamers need to ensure that your health bar is not depleted by these attacks and that you are surviving at the end.
  • Hardcore Mode - This is a more harder version of the Survival mode. In this mode if the player dies he/ she can no longer play this mode again 
  • Creative Mode - This mode as the name suggests invokes the creative side of the player who can use his/ her most creative thoughts in this game.
  • Adventure Mode - In this mode gamers can use custom made maps and adventures. This mode is also very similar to the survival mode
  • Spectator Mode - This mode lets players fly around the map and be an onlooker without actually participating in the game.

What are the Bedwars in Minecraft?

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How to Get Bedwars in Minecraft?

  1. Launch your Minecraft game
  2.  Press on the Play button
  3. In the Server tab choose the Lifeboat Network
  4. Here Activate your Compass
  5. Once you Activate your compass you need to choose ‘Game Type Selector’
  6. From the options given in Game Type Selector menu choose BedWars 
  7. You might be asked to Download & Join
  8. Click on the Download & Join if asked
  9. Once you download you need to join the match which can be done by location the QUICKPLAY portal and walking through it
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How To Play Bedwars In Minecraft?

  • Brick Spawner - Bricks are the lowest form of currency in Minecraft but they come in handy in times of need. Thus, it is always safe to locate Brick Spawner which will aid you in collecting the Bricks.
  • Iron Spawner - Iron is worth more than the Brick though the Iron Spawner spawns less iron
  • Gold Spawner - Gold is the most valuable currency in the game though very hard to get. In the Bedwars  the Gold Spawner can be found at the centre of the map. 
  • Shop - Use the currency spawned by these spawners to buy gears and weapons from the shop.

What Is The Best Server For Bedwars?

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How To Play Bedwars In Minecraft - FAQs

1. What is Bedwars in Minecraft?

The Bedwars in Minecraft as the name suggests is all about saving your bed while attacking the bed of the other players. This is both a fun and exciting player vs player situation. The game continues till the bed of your character is destroyed. Thus what is of utmost importance here in Bedwars is to protect your Bed.

2. What are some of the modes in Minecraft?
  • Survival Mode
  • Hardcore Mode
  • Creative Mode 
  • Adventure Mode
  • Spectator Mode
3. What are Some of the gears that can be found in the realm of BedWars?

Some of the gears that can be found in the realm of BedWars are given below


  • Brick Spawner
  • Iron Spawner 
  • Gold Spawner
  • Shop
4. Who are the developers of the game Minecraft?

Minecraft is a video game developed and published by Mojang

5. How to play bedwars in Minecraft?

Players will be given a bed to guard with their life as long as your bed remains untouched you will be safe but the moment your bed is destroyed your life will also be destroyed. Therefore before heading into the Bedwars battle you need to prepare and gear up yourself to face the enemies and protect your Bed.

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