Fortnite Community Battles Challenges: Community Battles Fortnite Com Teams, LeaderBoard, Rewards, Release Dates, and When is the Next Fortnite Community Battles?

by Mohammed Sharafath S | Updated Feb 02, 2021 16:02 IST

social social social social Fortnite Community Battles Challenges: Community Battles Fortnite Com Teams, LeaderBoard, Rewards, Release Dates, and When is the Next Fortnite Community Battles?

Fortnite Community Battles Challenges event was revealed only recently, enabling you to win a lot of different prizes, and Developers of the game often come up with new tasks and challenges that you can use to win additional V-bucks and supplies. Fortnite Community Battles Challenges are also one of such event. The concept behind the Group Combat Bootcamp was to create a more fun-filled experience that gave everyone a chance to win something, unlike some other competitive events regularly hosted by Fortnite. To know more about Fortnite Community Battles Challenges and Fortnite community battles join read this article given below.

Fortnite Community Battles Challenges

As Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 winds to a close, a string event is introduced by its developers Epic Games to allow users to earn some handy prizes before moving to the new season. The developers also drew curtains on Fortnite Group Battles along with the cup competition, which was more of a friendly in-game contest with some nice prizes on offer. Fortnite community Battles challenges are expected to be released this year during the month of January.

Fortnite Community Battles Final Challenge

The previous Fortnite Community battles final challenge was launched on January 27 and the battle ended. The Group Combat Bootcamp was developed as a free and fun event, enabling all users to catch some prizes during the four-day period. In-game V-bucks, which were awarded to the top 20,000 players, were the main incentive. To complete the particular tasks, users were ranked on the cumulative score they accumulated; some were as easy as playing the game for an hour.

Fortnite Community Battles Join - Who Can Join?

To join the Fortnite Community Battles do the following steps,

  • The players need to head to the official Fortnite Community Battles website to register for the event.
  • All you had to do was click on the 'join' button and connect your Epic Games account so that you could monitor your progress regarding the challenges of the Group Battles.
  • When enrolled, players had a variety of regular challenges that were different from the other in-game challenges.
  • Most of them were plain, and some allowed you to play the game for an hour only.

Fortnite Community Battles Challenge Rewards

  • 1st Place: 2500 V-Bucks
  • 2nd Place: 2250 V-Bucks
  • 3rd Place: 2000 V-Bucks
  • 4th Place: 1750 V-Bucks
  • 5th Place: 1500 V-Bucks
  • 6th Place: 1250 V-Bucks
  • 7th Place to 25th Place: 1000 V-Bucks
  • 26th Place to 100th Place: 800 V-Bucks
  • 101st Place to 500th Place: 500 V-Bucks
  • 501st Place to 5,000th Place: 300 V-Bucks
  • 5,001st Place to 10,000th Place: 250 V-Bucks
  • 10,001st Place to 20,000th Place: 200 V-Bucks

When is the next Fortnite Community Battles?

Since the latest Community battles, Fortnite ended on January 30, the next Fortnite Community battles haven’t been announced yet. Any updates on the Fortnite Community Battle release dates will be updated later.

Community battles Fortnite com Teams and LeaderBoard

The Community Battles Fortnite happened on January 27 2021, had 18 AFL teams, who battled for the final Victory Royale, to know the leaderboard of the AFL Team standing scroll down,

  Player Total Score
1 ALEX IST HEIL 23,640
2 FABIAN.VX 20,121
6 RYANNICK 16,796
7 ALCATRY99 16,286
9 MR SNEAX. 15,728
10 COOLKID200627 15,110
11 JOKER BRA 15,101
13 SEBASTIAN.VX 14,805
15 SALEEM_VR4 14,534
16 L2_WODKA 14,378
17 ALEX1107_ 14,195
18 COOL KID NO CAP 13,756
19 REWIND ZLOUP 13,684
20 TERBZ 13,399
21 FLOAD. 12,966
23 MKGLITCH 12,749
24 HAMZA_9N 12,639
25 FLO X-ROYALE 12,397
26 ZSNOWYZ- 12,233
27 TEL 015901607118 12,170
28 SP ACE X9... 12,170
29 NGZ MYSTIC 11,787
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Fortnite community battles challenges - FAQs

1. What is the AFL Community Battle?  

It's the official collaboration event of Fortnite and the Australian Football League.
18 teams take part in it, as well as athletes and creators who will be team captains. The users can select one of the teams and lead it to victory by playing

2. How is the Leader board for Fortnite Community Battles Challenges formed?  

Teams - is based on the number of points each team earned.
Team points are the sum of the points each Team Member earned.
Personal - is based on the number of points earned by each member of your team.
General - is based on the number of points earned by each tournament participant.
Only Teams leaderboard is available to Fans.

3. Is Fortnite Available on Xbox?

Yes, Fortnite is available for Xbox.

4. Is Fortnite available for iOS?

Yes, Fortnite is available for iOS devices and can be downloaded directly from Appstore.

5. When is the next Fortnite Community Battles challenges?

The Date for the next Fortnite Community Battles Challenge hasn't been announced yet.

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