FAUG Next Update Date 2021 February, Check New Update of FAU G game 2021,Features and FAUG New Update Release Date

by Ashwin S | Updated Feb 03, 2021 16:29 IST

social social social social FAUG Next Update Date 2021 February, Check New Update of FAU G game 2021,Features and FAUG New Update Release Date

FAUG Next Update Date 2021 has been highly anticipated among many mobile gamers in India as the FAU G game made its great debut back in 26th January 2021 and To be frank, many fans were not excited about the game's initial experience. So, FAUG announced the next update 2021 which is all set to unveil pretty soon and the FAUG Next Update Date 2021 would bring a ton of new optimizations including more guns, a battle pass and the battle royale mode. So, check out more about the FAUG Next Update Date 2021 details here.

FAUG Next Update Date 2021

FAUG was proclaimed to make its debut in the Indian market right after the most renowned title, PUBG Mobile was banned in India by the Government of India due to Privacy and Safety purposes. The developer of FAUG alleged to turn FAUG as a "replacement" for the PUBG Mobile title. Also following that, the game was delivered on January 26, 2021, and, safe to say, the only mode available to play on FAUG was the campaign mode.

To be frank, many fans were disappointed due to this reason as the guns, too, were unavailable in the game. So, in contrast to PUBG Mobile, the developer's allegedly-claimed statement felt wrong as there were no battle royale mode, nor any guns available. 

Now, in 2021, the FAUG game developer has said to unveil the FAUG new update pretty soon and this has got the attention of many fans across the country. As of now, the exact FAUG next update date and release time is unknown. But, we can expect that the FAUG's developer will unveil the update pretty soon.

FAUG New Update February 2021 - What can we expect?

Well, in the FAUG new update 2021, we can expect certain obvious elements to be included in the game. Once the FAUG next update 2021 is released, we can update this article further. Here's what we can expect from FAUG new update 2021:

  1. New FAUG Game Modes

Till now, you can only play the FAUG's Campaign mode available in the game. But it is suspected that the other two hinted topics such as ‘Team Deathmatch’ as well as ‘Free for All’ mode will be released or unlocked in-game via the upcoming FAUG new update 2021. As of now, we can notice the "Coming soon" tag on both the FAUG game modes.

Also, in FAUG Team Deathmatch, you will be equipped to experience the FAUG's Battle Royale game in a crew of 5 players. Once this FAUG game mode is made available, the game is expected to gain momentum in a pretty good way.

  1. New FAUG Guns

At the prevailing time, there is a lack of weaponry in FAUG game, on a whole scale. There are only a handful of simplistic guns and weapons such as knives available in FAUG. Apart from that aspect, it is said that the game will also boast advanced weapons pretty soon via the new FAUG next update 2021.. So, players can also anticipate new and exciting weapons in the upcoming FAUG update in 2021. Until then, we'll just have to have our fingers crossed.

  1. Better In-Game Performance

At now, FAUG's overall performance is just sheer mediocre. We are assuming that future FAUG updates will enhance the overall FAUG gameplay experience on a whole including the logic aspects of the game. Until then, we'll just have to wait for the FAUG new update 2021 to surface to the people across India to know more details. 

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FAUG Next Update Date 2021 - FAQs

1. Will FAUG be a battle royale game?

As of now, no, FAUG is not a battle royale game.

2. How do I download FAU G game?

Head to the Google Play Store to download the FAUG game on your Android devices.

3. Is FAUG available in Play Store?

FAUG is only available for Android devices.

4. How many MB is FAU G game?

FAU G game is around 500 MB

5. Is FAUG free?

Yes, the FAUG game is free to download and play

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