Cr7 Character in Free Fire: Ability, Skills, Real Name, How to get Cristiano Ronaldos Chrono Character in Free Fire?

by Maria Thomas | Updated Feb 10, 2021 12:37 IST

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Cr7 Character In Free Fire: Free Fire is a game known for its versatile and proficient characters that the game hosts and introduces regularly and Cr7 Character In Free Fire is one of the characters that was introduced recently by the developers of the game. The characters are not just customizable to meet the needs of the gamers but are also extremely skilled that makes the game much easier for the gamer. If you are someone who is eager to know more about Cr7 Character In Free Fire read the article below that has all the details about this character including CR7 in Free Fire ability and skills.

Cr7 Character In Free Fire

Free Fire the Garena developed battle royale mobile game is becoming increasingly popular especially amongst the mobile gamers. The number of mobile games that have an intriguing gameplay and offer multifarious modes are few and can be counted in one hand. This lack has worked in favour of games like PUBG, COD mobile and Free Fire that offer extensive gamplays and modes despite being limited by the restrictions of mobile. And the developers of these games do not fail to update and release patch notes often. All these propelled the fame of this game. The game play of the game also worked towards improving the popularity of the game. The game is offered primarily in third person and is a multiplayer game wherein a maximum of 50 players are required to jump from a parachute on an island of their choosing from the options available. These players then need to search for weapons on the island and collect them for their armory. The ultimate aim of the gamer is to kill the other players and stand as the last surviving player on the island. 

Who Is Cr7 In Free Fire?

One of the major special and exclusive features of the game Free FIre is the playable characters that this game offers to the gamers. There are many characters in Free FIre from which you players can choose the one of their liking. Apart from the existing characters who themselves are extraordinary Free Fire also regularly releases new characters especially in the case of a new event. In such cases they launch characters who are in some way connected to the event or the theme of the event. Yet another unique feature of the characters in Free Fire is that many of the characters in the game are based on inspirations taken from real life like Hrithik Roshan. They also take inspirations from the happening series in trend like the Money Heist from which a number of characters were recreated in the game. Some of the top characters based on both their abilities and gamer preference is given below

  • DJ Alok 
  • Dasha 
  • Kelly
  • Paloma
  • Joseph
  • Laura
  • K
  • Jai

In this vein it can be observed that CR7 is the latest character that was launched in Free Fire.

CR 7 is the name of the character that was recently introduced in Free Fire. Like many other characters in Free Fire CR7 is also inspired from a real life person - Christiano Ronaldo. In fact the name CR is the abbreviation of Christiano Ronaldo. He became a part of Free Fire as an ambassador, this was a venture to partner with celebrities like its previous endeavours wherein Free Fire collaborated with celebrities like Hrithik Roshan and DJ KSHMR. This collaboration with Christiano Ronaldo was for an event called the Operation Chrono that happened in December 2021. In fact one of the quests in this event was to find the new ambassador of Free fire with puzzle pieces. It was only at the end of this event that gamers were revealed the identity of the ambassador as Christiano Ronaldo. Once the event concluded the developers of the game announced that Christiano Ronaldo would be one of the characters in Free Fire henceforth. And on 19th December 2020 CR7 was launched in Free Fire.

Cr7 In Free Fire Ability And Skills

Almost all the characters in Free Fire are equipped with great skills and abilities. Once the new character Cr7 in Free Fire was introduced one of the main questions that many had in their minds regarding this Free Fire Cr7 was regarding Free Fire Cr7 ability and Free Fire Cr7 skills. Though Cr7 in Free Fire skill might not be as exponential as that of the abilities of other characters Cr7 is a great character to take up in certain situations. The skill and ability kit of Cr7 is unique and cannot be found in other characters of Free Fire and as such make it even more desirable to the gamers. This acts as an attraction for the gamers at least to try this character and see how his skills and abilities work. Free Fire Cr7 ability is called the Time Turner. But before we venture deeper into Free Fire Cr7 skills we need to know a background of this character.

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Cr7 Character In Free Fire Overview

Name  Chrono
Age 35
Sex Male
Birthday 5th February
Occupation  Bounty Hunter

Cr7 or Chrono wanted to be a part of the society that helped vulnerable people/ groups in society because of his parents who were a great inspiration to him as they were both lawyers who worked for the poor and vulnerable groups in society. He grew up seeing this and as such wanted to be a part of something similar. The Cr7 in Free Fire skill is called the Time Turner which creates a force field around the character which protects the character from attacks. The shield can absorb upto 600 points of damage but this does ot stop the character from firing back as the shield does not block fires from within the shield. This force field can also be extended to teammates as well all of whom will get a speed boost up that will enable them to move faster. But despite this ability being unique and exceptional there are a few issues that the gamer needs to keep in mind while using this character and his ability. The Time Turner takes a few seconds to activate giving leeway to the enemies as during this period you are left open with no protection. Further this shield is not that big and you need to ensure that you do not step out of the field. The shield will also be active only for a few seconds and as such should be used accordingly. This is an ability that comes handy when you are caught off guard in an ambush as this field will enable you to escape from this ambush unscathed.

How to Obtain Chrono in Free Fire?

Chrono is a character in Free Fire that can be obtained by the gamers using Character Royale, a new addition to the game that will let gamers spin and earn diamonds that will get them the character Chrono. But this Character Royale was an addition for just 38 days and has expired. But the gamers were given the opportunity to get a number of other rewards with the  Character Royale spin like Chrono's Deluxe bundle, Character level 8 card and Character level 6 card. But now that this Character Royale spin has ended the gamers need to purchase the character Chrono like any other character using diamonds. Given below are the steps on How To Obtain Chrono In Free Fire. If you don't have the diamonds required for purchase you need to top up the diamonds which can be done by 

  • Launch the Free Fire game
  • Press on the ‘Diamond’ icon at the top of the screen.
  • They can top-up the desired number of diamonds.

After topping up you need to purchase the character which can be done by folllowing the stpes below. 

  • Once you open the game you will need to find the Character Page 
  • On the character page, you will find Chrono Character 
  • Now tap on that to unlock this character.
  • But you will have to pay the diamonds required
  • After making a successful purchase, you  will have to claim the Chrono character manually.
  • For this you need press the ‘Calendar’ icon on the right side.
  • Here you will find the ‘Events’ tab
  • Select the ‘Chrono Top Up II’ option here.
  • Here you need to click on the ‘Claim’ button to redeem this character.
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Cr7 Character In Free Fire - FAQs

1. Who is the Cr7 Character In Free Fire?

Cr7 Character In Free Fire is one of the recently released characters in Free Fire

2. Is Cr7 based on a real life character?

Yes, Cr7 is based on a real life character - Christiano Ronaldo

3. When was  Cr7 Character In Free Fire released?

Cr7 Character In Free Fire was released in  December 2020

4. What is the ability of Cr7 Character In Free Fire?

The ability of Cr7 Character In Free Fire is Time Turner which creates a force field around the character which protects the character from attacks. 

5. Who are some of the major character sin Free Fire?
  • DJ Alok 
  • Dasha 
  • Kelly
  • Paloma
  • Joseph
  • Laura
  • K
  • Jai

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